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Contrast - An Act of Love

Understanding how we can best serve our clients is our main mission. But also how to best illustrate your ideas.
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In Architectural illustration, using contrast correctly is the most powerful solution to create unique illustrations. Check these examples

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Architectural illustration and an image's appeal can be quite subjective.

However, when we produce CGIs for our clients, we emphasize the use of contrast and depth to vividly showcase the design in a unique and impactful manner. We refine and highlight the key elements of the illustration while removing unnecessary details.

These simple touchpoints enhance immensely the beauty hidden in your project. All we have to do is bringing in to life.

These simple adjustments enhance the beauty of your project, breathing life into it.

23009 Forma Concepts Terrace EXT Night

Our client's ideas are where we begin.

Following the initial discovery meeting, we begin exploring the project with a fresh and unique perspective. We aim to present the project in the most favorable setting while offering our clients distinct viewpoints and atmospheres.

Elements like seasons, time of day, and stories play a big role in creating the perfect illustration but the most important thing is keeping an open communication with our partners.

The process can shift and change depending on our client's needs, but Forma Studio is known for a clear and impactful creative direction of the images: we never compromise on the quality of the output, whatever it takes.

The initial sketches are what lays the foundation of the output and that is why we deliver a wide variety of tests and explorations, to give more material to review to our clients.

Silhouettes, colors, contrast, depth—these elements enhance our client's projects. 

The challenge is knowing when to deploy each. 

Initial discovery calls may not always align with the actual project needs. That's why we extensively explore during the early stages, refining our focus on what's essential to best present a project.


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