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Thinkspace - Fraser Lake

On the shores of Fraser Lake, Thinkspace Architecture designed a school for the local community using the most sustainable and renewable resources
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A new school that will shape the community with a deep focus on respect for the nature


Understanding the community's needs before moving to the drawing board, is what Thinkspace Architecture did. They invested time in learning more about the Stellat’en First Nation community and how the new development would impact them.

We approached the illustration in the same way. We studied how the architectural vision would translate in pixels with the help of multiple sketches that would bring the unique features of the project to life.

Our main challenge was to ensure that our project illustrations truly embodied the values of the community. 

We approached this by focusing on key elements: nature, community, socialisation, reflection, light, and activity. 

Our goal with the visuals was to create a collection that captures the project's essence across various moods, seasons, and activities while telling engaging stories that complement the images. 

The result is something truly unique that the community will enjoy for many years to come

Our Sketches

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