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Bringing ideas to life

Are you an Architect, a Designer or a Developer? FormaStudio is here for you, specializing in creating emotional illustrations that uniquely represent your project.

1000+ unique

We work globally producing imagery that stirs emotions in the viewer - and the right illustrations elevate every project.

With a tailored and optimized workflow, we deliver high-quality 3D visualization, in minimal time, leaving to our clients the freedom to focus on their project and design.

21011 Forma Building Canal View01 Night V02 Halfres
At Forma Studio we turn ideas into art that you would be proud to hang on a wall”
Matteo Ferrari - Forma Founder

We transform ideas into reality

Since our inception, we have been committed to creating work that people would remember and recognize amidst millions of other illustrations. That means visuals that evoke emotions and leave a vivid impression.

21013 Forma Tower Ice Skating
21013 Forma Tower View01 Interior Halfres
22004 Inhori Macomer Overcast Final Halfres
21002 Forma Snow Pod Villa
21006 GMA Emerald Gardens View02 Halfres

Our values are part of everything we create at Instrument.

Save time to our clients.

Our process saves time to our clients. Time that they can invest in designing a finessing the project.

Flexible yet professional.

We understand projects can change along the way. We are here to assist and ensure the best possible outcome.

Creating visual statements.

We don’t create illustrations to simply depict a project. We want to make people feel connected to it through our work.

Quality sales-driven outcomes.

The correct images can boost your presentation or sales process. Let us help you bridge the gap between ideas and reality

Matteo Fe1
Matteo Ferrari
Founder & creative director

Working with passion has a ripple effect.

After becoming a qualified Architect in Italy, Matteo chose to move to the UK to start his career in Architectural Illustration. Working for some of the leading visualisation studios gave him the opportunity to start his own company and to express his artistic point of view.

Opting for Genova as workplace was an easy choice as it meant going back to his roots and having the chance of enjoying amazing Italian food.

CGI and illustration have always been two of his great passions along with photography and art.

When he is not creating kick-ass images, you can find him cooking or playing with his 2 kids.

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Benedetta P2
Benedetta Pignatti
Architect & 3D Visualizer

Each person's individuality offers a one-of-a-kind perspective.

Architect and illustrator, she brings a unique perspective to her work, creating visually stunning and amazing images.

She is passionate about traveling and world culture and after many experiences abroad she moved back to Genova and joined Forma Studio.

Whether she is creating a detailed architectural visualisation or a whimsical illustration, Benedetta’s passion and skill are evident in her work.

When she is not creating kick-ass images, you can find her playing ultimate or hiking.

Meet our team

The diverse mix of personalities and passions within Forma Studio is what elevates each illustration. Our team specializes in putting architectural projects in the spotlight of every presentation or competition.

Matteo Fe1
Matteo Ferrari
Founder & creative director
Benedetta P2
Benedetta Pignatti
Architect & 3D Visualizer

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We’re a studio made of Architects, Designers, Craftsman & Artists.

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