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Inhori Studio - Dorgali

The winning entry for the refurbishing and revamp of the G.M. Gisellu school in Dorgali, Sardinia
22014 Inhori Iscola Dorgali View02 Entrance

Inhori Studio won the architecture competition with a fresh, new and sustainable design in Dorgali


Inhori Studio gave us the opportunity of trasforming an idea into a stunning set of illustration. 

These visuals communicate directly without the need for words. This is the true power of collaborative architectural illustration, where the client and artist craft a captivating and one-of-a-kind piece.

22014 Inhori Iscola Dorgali View01 Agorà Final

The winning entry from Inhori studio aims to create a Civic Center that serves as a catalyst for the various community entities that have emerged in the Dorgalese community in recent years.

The school blocks are strategically placed, aligning their heights to coincide with the levels of existing buildings, ensuring a continuous flow.

The material alternation between the solidity and weight of the existing structures and the opacity/transparency of the new ones is also connected to their functions. Private and educational functions are accommodated in the plastered blocks, while more public spaces like the agora, library, and multipurpose areas are housed in blocks covered with polycarbonate. 

This creates the desired effect of a city lantern, symbolizing a new vibrant hub in the town.

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