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We are here to provide suggestions and offer solutions for your project. 

Let us guide you through some of our work and explain how we can help you bring your concepts to life with the correct imagery.

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We bring your ideas to life

We are a team of highly imaginative minds, providing immersive visualization solutions tailor-made for architects and developers

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Architectural Stills

Every project deserves its best presentation, and our real strength lies in creating still images. With a vast portfolio of thousands of images, we can take on any project and quickly produce a series of engaging CGIs.

Once we start a project, we generate several sketches to choose from, based on the brief and what we discussed in our discovery meeting.

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Video & Animations

Architecture and real estate developments often have complex aspects that are challenging to convey with single images alone. Animation serves as the bridge that provides a comprehensive view of the project.

Our specialization lies in creating cinematic shots that present designs through emotionally engaging clips.

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360 Virtual Reality

Have you ever imagined what it's like to be fully immersed in your project?

At Forma Studio we create 360-degree panorama views compatible with any VR viewer, providing a genuine experience of your project. You can look around, sense the space, and almost feel the surfaces.

Dive deep into VR imagery and elevate your sales with a unique touch.

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We’re a studio made of Architects, Designers, Craftsman & Artists.

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