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Hedda - Dysart

Hedda designed a private villa on the outskirts of a pine forest in Nevada, in total harmony with nature
23015 Hedda Dave Dysart View06 Early Morning Forest Cropped

A unique house in the middle of a pine forest


Hedda is an architectural studio in Nevada, whose main aim is to guide clients through the complex process of building a new house, in total synergy with the landscape.

Each project is unique and built with natural and sustainable materials, showing their strong respect towards the natural environment.

They smartly use local materials, sunlight, open views, and natural ventilation to bring positive benefits, with minimal natural impact.

23015 Hedda Dave Dysart View06 Early Morning Forest Cropped

For this Villa, we created three exterior images that demonstrate its adaptability across different times of the day and seasons while maintaining its serenity.

The night view illustrates how certain exterior areas can be utilized even after dark, all while respecting the natural surroundings. The design harmonizes with existing trees and varying ground levels.

Our goal was to showcase this connection, delve into the existing natural environment, and explore this relationship throughout different times of the day.

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