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CerrutiStudio - Varazze

Above Varazze's hillside (Liguria coast), Cerruti Studio created four energy-efficient and sustainable independent villas.
21007 Cerruti Studio Ville Varazze View05 Halfres

Enjoy the view of Varazze's stunning bay, embraced by century-old olive trees.


When we first discussed this project, it was clear that preserving the natural landscape and heritage was non-negotiable. This was a key aspect of the project, and CerrutiStudio executed it brilliantly.

They created stone terraces to house the century-old olive trees, which were carefully relocated from their original spot. At the same time, it was important to harmonize the villas with the cliff's natural slope, providing private access to each.

The resul: four unique, independently designed villas

When the landscape is a big part of the picture, understanding the plants, their colors, and how light shines through their leaves is super important. We did lots of research to best present this and tried different angles and moods to get Cerruti Studio's message right: living in a natural, quiet place with privacy.

We created many visuals, from aerial photomatch to close-ups. This helped sell the houses even before they were officially on the market. 

Having the right pictures can really boost property sales, and this project proved it.

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